E.D.SMITH® No Sugar Added

Fruit & Concentrated Fruit Juice Spreads

Seedless Strawberry-Raspberry

No Sugar Added

The fruits may be familiar, but the taste and texture of this very special E.D.SMITH® blend take spreads to a whole new level of delicious! No seeds get in the way of its smoothness, and no added sugar gets in the way of its natural berry sweetness. With 20 Calories per tablespoon, go ahead and enjoy! Adds class to crepes, does wonders for whipped cream, and is marvellous on a pita filled with fresh fruit.

This product is available in the following sizes: 375 mL

Product Info


Fruit (seedless strawberries and raspberries), concentrated fruit juices (w hite grape and/or apple and/or pineapple, lemon), water, fruit pectin, caro b bean gum, natural flavour, sodium benzoate, sucralose, colour. Sucralose: 2 mg per 15 ml serving.

No Sugar Added Seedless Strawberry-Raspberry Fruit & Concentrated Fruit Juice Spread