E.D.SMITH Spa Fruits® No Sugar Added

E.D.SMITH® Spa Fruits Strawberry Fruit Spread

Satisfy your craving for the taste of strawberries with this fabulous spread that is proudly prepared in Canada. You won’t believe that it has 10 calories per tablespoon and 2 g carbohydrates and no compromise on the strawberry flavour, so go ahead – indulge. Spoon on low-calorie puddings, spread on crackers, toss in salads — you’ll soon find other ways to love its wholesome goodness.

Ingredients & Nutrition Info:

Strawberries, water, concentrated fruit juices (apple, lemon), fruit pectin, carob bean gum, natural flavour, sodium benzoate, colour, sucralose. Sucralose: 2 mg per 15 ml serving.