Celebrating Over 130 Years

One winter’s evening in 1878 a young farmer earnestly scratched his plans and dreams into his diary. The place? 120 acres tucked under the protective shadow of the Escarpment in Ontario’s Niagara Peninsula. The dream? To establish a prosperous farm for future generations. Trying to make a living, he had experimented with grapes, onions, hens, cows, sheep, grain — and that year, a little patch of strawberries.

Sure enough by 1882, his hard work began to pay off. But little did E.D.SMITH know that the juicy strawberries that grew so well in this rich soil, would be the beginning of a food empire.

Over the years, we’ve never forgotten who we cook for. Generations of families have relied on E.D.SMITH® jams, spreads, pie fillings and syrup for great taste, tradition and quality—you can even still find us in our original location in Niagara Escarpment. We work hard each day to ensure that you’ll continue to welcome us into your kitchens for another 130 years.



Welcome to our kitchen!

What is a Taste Creator?

Every favourite recipe has great moments that go with it:  the cake you created for her birthday party, the waffles you make together on lazy Sundays, or that perfect pie they ask for every Holiday. Through our new TasteCreator Community, E.D.SMITH wants to celebrate those moments and the people and recipes behind them. It’s a place where everyone can be inspired, be creative, and share with each other.

Just like you invite friends to your dinner table to share a delicious meal, we think of our online community as one big table where everybody can connect, participate and have fun! You will find recipes to be inspired by, post recipes and photos to inspire others, get the details about promotions and contests, or potentially be selected as a featured TasteCreator yourself!