E.D.SMITH® Lemon Spread
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ED Smith Lemon Spread

E.D.SMITH® Lemon Spread

Velvety smooth lemon goodness in every spoonful! Our Lemon Spread is sunny but not too sweet, with a tartness to wake up your taste buds. Don’t hide it away after breakfast — add its citrus kick to salad dressings, sauces, layer cake fillings, and crackers for a mid-day snack. Or warm a little to top baked ham. Proudly prepared in Canada.

Ingredients & Nutrition Info:

Water, corn syrup, sugar, modified corn starch, vegetable oil shortening (contains palm and soy oil), concentrated lemon juice, salt, citric acid, natural flavour, sodium citrate, sodium benzoate, calcium disodium edta, colour (contains tartrazine).