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No Sugar Added

How do we get so much strawberry flavour in just one jar? With naturally ripened strawberries, blended fruit juices, and 125 years of tradition. The result is our most popular no sugar added treat – a delicious spread with just 20 calories per tablespoon. Revel in its richness on toast or in cereal, or make it the central flavour in a nutritious smoothie. Surprise the kids by mixing with low-fat yogurt and use as a dip with graham crackers or arrowroot cookies. Eating healthy really can taste this good!

This product is available in the following sizes: 375 mL

Product Info


Strawberries, concentrated fruit juices (white grape and or apple, and or p ineapple, lemon), water, fruit pectin, carob bean gum, natural flavour, sodium benzoate, sucrolose, colour. Sucralose: 2 mg per 15 ml serving.